Ryan Schow

A writer writes not because he wants to, or because he’s trying to accomplish something; he writes because he has to, because the very act of it consumes him, because he has things to say and stories to tell. Since writing my first story in the fifth grade, a Halloween story that shocked the entire class and my teacher into a sort of stunned silence (yay!), I’ve dreamt of living the storied life of a career novelist (a successful one, not the “packaged soup for every meal” kind—been there, done that). In 2006, I published my first work of fiction in Writers’ Journal, a short story titled “The Messenger,” and now I’m thrilled to be writing novels full time.

Although writer’s philosophies are seldom topics of discussion, how a writer thinks and what they hope to accomplish weighs heavily in whether they produce a chart topper of a novel or a sour potato. For me, when I began writing, I did so with a singular mindset. My goal for every book is to create dynamic characters my readers love and love to hate, write bigger than life stories with grit, texture and absolute character honesty, be unpredictable and funny, and pen that which has not already been penned so that the book stays with you long after you’ve turned the final page. As for the Swann Series, I believe that—with but a few exceptions—origin stories are always the best, so my goal with the Swann Series Novels is to make each new book as much of an origin story as I can, which works great since the genetic modification of human beings sits front and center to this series.

On a more personal note, I grew up reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz (and don’t forget the enigmatic Dr. Suess!), but about ten years ago I fell in love with the early works of Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, Survivor, Choke) and Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho, Glamorama, The Informers), and the writing styles of those authors deeply influenced my own writing style. I’m also a fan of the Marvel and DC Universe, and movies like Lucy and I Am Number Four and the Resident Evil series. When I find the time, I read around a hundred books a year, both from established authors and from independent authors on Amazon’s Kindle platform. I love to be entertained, so my inspiration comes from everywhere: the books I read, the television and movies I watch, the fringe subjects I study, my crazy college years, my insane career working in the highly irreverent, wildly unapologetic world of sales and marketing, my ten years of practicing and teaching karate (I have a second degree black belt in the Okinawan based Isshin-ryu system), and my absolute, nearly obsessive love for tricked-out Audi’s.

For those of you who are new to my work and want to contact me, please do so! I’m easy to reach and I love connecting up with people who have similar interests in fiction. Also, make sure you stay on top of the new releases in the Swann series and other series down the road, by subscribing to my new releases newsletter, which you will automatically do by claiming your FREE copy of Vannie. Oh and rest assured, I DO NOT spam because spamming just might be the devil’s work and I’m not about to chance going to hell on a technicality. So seriously, if you haven’t signed up and gotten your free copy of Vannie, go do it already! LOL.

Until we meet, I’ll be in super-sunny California enjoying my life with my beautiful wife, my two little ones and my badass Audi. And of course, chances are pretty good that at this exact moment, I’m hard at work on my next novel, so keep an eye out for that and definitely keep in touch! Oh and if you want to support me and my writing, I wouldn’t be upset if you referred a friend to my novels or left a five star review where you purchase your eBooks. In fact, that would be pretty cool, so thanks ahead of time.