Dark Days of the Surge

THIS IS THE NEW AMERICA.  The lights are out, the grid is fried and war between two monstrous armies is breaking out all along the coastal states.  Logan, Skylar and Harper thought they were prepared.  They thought time was on their side.  They even thought they were tough enough to survive, a notion they’re about to put to the test…

THE EMP MARKS THE START of a new post-apocalyptic world war in this richly textured cross between 1984 and The Man in the High Tower.  Nothing is easy, the best laid plans are faulty, and murderous forces put ordinary citizens to the test on every level.  Get ready for post-apocalyptic fiction like you’ve never read before.  Tons of action, characters you’ll come to love and root for, the kinds of stakes that will have you wondering, if this really happened, would I survive?

Well, would you?