Swann: The Swann Series Book 1

If your parents loved you enough to erase you, who would you become?

You are not your body. You’re not your hair, your eyes or your nose. You’re not your diseases, your anxieties, or your psychosis. Welcome to Astor Academy where, with the right genetic coding and a stomach for the impossible, you can change not only your body but the very course of your life…

Thrust into the sexy, ultra-elite social scene, seventeen year old Savannah Van Duyn starts Astor Academy armed with only her sarcasm, a survivalist’s wit and her father’s promise that the school’s geneticist can fix her many problems at the DNA level. The foremost expert in genetic engineering, however, is teeming with so much dark secrecy it has Savannah’s skin crawling. What begins as a bold promise of genetic therapy becomes a life-threatening search for morality in an immoral cure, and an obsession to right the wrongs heaped upon her and those students who have died before her.

Swann is the first in a series of YA novels. Prepare yourself for an unabashed, unapologetic look into today’s YA world, namely: coping with a body fit for shame, crazy mothers on meds, the notion that there’s a pill for every problem, bullying and cyberbullying, the ebb and flow of first love and all things humorous, sick and twisted. In the spirit of balance, however, Swann explores the allure of friendship, the resolve of the desperate soul to find light inside the darkness, and one girl’s path to redemption in the face of insurmountable odds. And so begins the story of the ugly duckling becoming the swan.