Abomination: The Swann Series Book 7

If you love yourself enough to end yourself, what will your future hold?

For all the unknowns that have ever beguiled and confused her, Raven has yet to realize who she really is and where this reckless, paranormal life of hers is heading. When the answer lands squarely on the hood of her car broken, beaten and abused in the Nevada desert, she is left to contemplate every choice she’s ever made, and every choice she will make that turn her into the abomination she has become. She will, however, have precious little time for reflection. There is something hunting her, an unimaginable beast with a ruthless agenda the likes of which no human of this time could ever fathom. To find her, though, this monster will start with her friends…

If no one knew you, no one judged you and no one expected anything from you, ever, what decisions would you make? It is in these moments that Raven discovers who she really is, and where her unrelenting ways will take her. Filled with plenty of twists and turns, yet rich in character depth and deeply poignant, Abomination stays true to the series’ original form: fun, sexy, irreverent and downright jaw-dropping.

This is the seventh book in the series, and like its predecessors, Abomination tests the limits of YA fiction. This is not only a smart, sensual, page-turner of a story, it proves to be an unforgettable tale of consequences and redemption, friends and family, forgiveness and the possibility of new beginnings.