Clone: The Swann Series Book 3

If that which makes you most beautiful becomes society’s undoing, would you steal a fake child to save the future? 

The Virginia Corp. is reeling from major losses, and after the brutal double murder in Prague, Monarch Enterprises isn’t sure if Savannah is even alive. With her kill contract still open and assets now hunting her on Astor’s campus, Monarch prepares the hyper-skilled young assassin, Delta 1A, to execute her on sight. Savannah is gone, though. Disappeared.

In her stead, the love-struck Abby Swann remains obsessed not only with Jake and Damien, but with morality issues surrounding Gerhard’s miracle transformations. When she attacks the staff at Gerhard’s San Francisco lab and kidnaps a clone, a gorgeous teenage red head, Abby unleashes a firestorm of events that should have her dead several times over. Her survival seems impossible, though, and this has her wondering, has she become another one of Gerhard’s twisted experiments?

Complicating matters, the worst of tragedies strikes her inner circle. How will the new and improved Abby Swann cope with her need to right yet another catastrophic wrong? With the enigmatic and ever evolving Brayden James helping her mete out her own brand of justice, of course! The problem is, Abby is an itty-bitty fish in shark-infested waters spanning back through the ages, and she’s about to cross two men, both psychotic monsters of their own sort, both men the likes of which she has never encountered. Her chances of survival? Damn near zero.