Enigma: The Swann Series Book 8

Undead dictators. Sadistic social gatherings. The intersection of the past with a hellish future. How is a girl supposed to fall in love under such ghastly circumstances? Easy. Just do it. Against all caution, good sense and reason, you close your eyes and jump…

Despite her astonishing history, Savannah’s future is now an unwritten book. With no one hunting her and anonymity hers for the taking, can she settle into a normal life, or will the insanity of her past and the tendencies of her once future-self have her falling into old habits fast? As powerful and as intelligent as the eighteen year old is, she travels no easy roads, and the future is as daunting and as dangerous as the past.

Love struck and rejected, Brayden seeks the comforts of Vegas, a city that both haunts and enthralls him. After committing a federal crime of epic proportions, he strolls into the FBI field office with an inflated ego and some unreasonable demands. With the puzzle pieces of his future needing to find their respective places, he unknowingly pits himself against not only the FBI, but one of the most notorious groups of black-hat hackers the bureau has ever known, a reckless decision that will either guarantee his freedom or cost him his life.

Enigma is the eighth book in the groundbreaking Swann Series novels. In the high stakes world of underground genetics, disappearing identities and converging timelines, one must tie up the past to disappear the future. For both Brayden and Savannah, that means betraying the people they respect to save the ones they love.