Masochist: The Swann Series Book 4

There’s nothing quite as devastating as believing you’re the best, then meeting someone better. Welcome to hell…

Rebecca has vanished and Abby is determined to get her back at all costs. Unbeknownst to her, Monarch Enterprises is not only tracking Abby, they’ve dispatched the murderous young assassin, Delta 1A, for her once more. Not only is the assassin’s system disintegrating, his savage bloodlust has him targeting random civilians as well. The closer Monarch and Delta 1A come to finding Abby, however, the more Abby’s problems with love and mortality seem to spiral out of control.

With Abby’s and Brayden’s friendship in deep crisis, they are torn apart, then driven back together in the midst of a frightening and merciless attack. With calamity bringing them closer than ever, both as friends and potentially more, startling revelations unfold about the two of them and the kind of intimacy and insanity they are capable of together.

When one of Abby’s friends escapes Gerhard’s care, she does so as something darkly paranormal. Whether it’s accelerated childbirth, mixing the DNA of intensely psychotic children with the DNA of unwitting subjects, or bringing the dead back to life, doctors Gerhard and Heim are rewriting the fabric of reality. With her enemies tightening the noose, Abby must face Monarch’s assassin, the doctor who transformed her, the psycho who tried to kill her and a demented child with a penchant for melting people’s guts. No matter Abby’s ever-expanding skillset, Masochist is proof that no matter how bad ass a girl gets, there’s always someone better, meaner and far more lethal.