Monarch: The Swann Series Book 2

If you lost your body to science and your creator rejects you, do you even stand a chance at living?

An innocent family is slain, a new body is mutilated and the Virginia Corp. opens a contract with a nefarious organization known as Monarch Enterprises to have Savannah executed. Savannah’s railings against the moral deficiencies of the Virginia Corp. made her a target for assassination, a realization that leads her to something even worse: the horrifying truth about her body and what Gerhard really did to it.

To preserve their anonymity, Savannah and her father rid themselves of the Van Duyn namesake. Savannah’s body however—the thing she treasures most—is being systematically eviscerated while Gerhard refuses to fix her. Desperate to survive, her body swiftly decomposing, Savannah leans on skills she learned from Astor when blackmailing Gerhard, a sadist who closely resembles the infamous war criminal and deceased Auschwitz death camp doctor, Josef Mengele.

If she survives Gerhard and returns to Astor, Savannah will neither look the same nor carry the same name. How will she find her friends if everyone changed everything about themselves? For this mystery within a mystery, our heroine enlists the help of smart-ass hacker turned bad boy, Brayden James. In Swann Series fashion, things are not as they seem. Ideals are challenged, victims become bullies and one life may be lost forever. However, through intellect, determination and the perseverance of friendship, Savannah and her friends continue to evolve, bringing to light a poignant truth: we are who we decide to be, but that doesn’t guarantee our survival.