Raven: The Swann Series Book 6

Becoming no one means leaving everyone, and only when you’re truly gone will you know the real you. 


Dreams. That’s what Raven is having. Dreams of love and a salacious tryst. Dreams that feel hot and downright yummy, but may herald something more haunting and alarming than she suspected.


When the sexy as hell Tavares Baldridge arrives at Astor Academy, every girl with two eyes and a heartbeat gets moist at the sight of him. But Raven doesn’t have time for games because being no one, having no future, no resources and no place to live is a problem far more arduous than whatever senseless boy-crush she’s developing. While planning her future, to set herself up right, Raven relies once again on her newfound talents and the darker implements of her schooling: blackmail, scheming, extortion and the significance of a well-placed threat. What Raven doesn’t know is the boy-crush she is determined to ignore rests at the very center of who she is and what she is slated to become.


Raven thinks she knows herself, but the question she can’t stop asking is, can I live with what I’m about to do? Where before she learned to be strong, to fight, to survive, now she must learn to temper her impulses, quell the violence and find humility in her actions. But the dreams unnerve her, as does Jake and the secrets he will kill to protect. Then there is the vanishing blonde who seems to know Raven, who won’t stop appearing and disappearing.  What does she want? And how does Raven’s life and future sit in the hands of the blonde, Jake and Tavares? Unless Raven can connect the dots and warm up to some dangerous truths about the future, she will never understand the storm headed straight for her, or how the sudden appearance of a mutilated body in the middle of the desert holds the key to saving humanity itself.


Just when you think you know where this series is headed, Raven comes along to up the ante. In this ever expanding universe, Raven crosses new thresholds in love, the art of handling bullies, the development of personal power and the intricacies of familial relationships. In this new, pulse-pounding chapter of the Swann Series novels, Raven boldly defies expectations while continuing to set an unapologetic, yet pivotal tone for the future of these characters and their ongoing saga.