Swann Series: Books 7 – 9

The future is a past in need of a change.

I punched a Nazi, kissed a clone and met my future self.  Now I’m the living dead girl you can’t kill.  Maybe no one can.  So what must one do with all that power?  You think I would be bored.  Or corrupt.  You’d be wrong on both counts.  Well, maybe…  There are things far worse than death now looming along the horizon—people and entities who exist that you can’t even begin to fathom.  But they’re real.  They’re real and now they’re hunting me.

The playground of the elite is a dark and disastrous world.

Whether it’s the battered future me, fallout from the super elite or the love life I have yet to find, this hot AF dead girl’s on a mission from God.  I’m about to re-write a future that has yet to happen.  They say you can’t change the past, right?  Nope.  Totally untrue.  This is my strange tale, one you might not want to believe.  But you’re no ordinary soul, and I’m no ordinary girl.  You deserve the truth—the rest of the story down to the detail.  It all starts with the body from the desert…