Swann Series: Books 1 – 3

You are not your body. You’re not your hair, your eyes or your nose. You’re not your diseases, your anxieties, or your psychosis. Welcome to Astor Academy where, with the right genetic coding and a stomach for the impossible, you can change not only your body but the very course of your life. Grab the series readers are calling “The most addictive new series in a decade,” “Unputdownable,” and “Beautiful, poignant and relevant to today’s young adult culture.”

Armed with her sarcasm, a survivalist’s wit and her father’s promise that Astor Academy’s resident geneticist can fix her many physical failings at the DNA level, Savannah is pitched into a world of genetic modification and monsters, a world where every day is opposite day and if you’re not on your game, both in school and with your doctor, chances are pretty good you’ll end up suicided or insane. Prepare yourself for an unabashed look into the world of the ultra-rich, namely coping with body dysmorphic disorder, crazy mothers on meds, the notion that there’s a pill for every problem, bullying and cyberbullying, the ebb and flow of first love and all things humorous, sick and twisted. In the spirit of balance, however, Swann explores the allure of friendship, the resolve of the desperate soul to find light inside the darkness, and one girl’s path to redemption in the face of insurmountable odds. And so begins the story of the ugly duckling becoming the swan…

On the way to becoming your most perfect self, things can go south real quick.  Say good-bye to your brand new body, say hello to a ruthless child assassin, then do your best not to get run over by a bloodthirsty group of elitists hell bent on eviscerating you…from the inside out.  If Savannah survives long enough to return to Astor Academy, she’ll neither look the same nor carry the same name. How will she find her friends if everyone changed everything about themselves? For this, our heroine leans on smart-ass hacker turned bad boy, Brayden James. Everything is not as it seems, though: ideals are overturned, victims become bullies and one girl’s life may be lost forever.

A girl addicted to vengeance. A clone that needs saving. An immortal Nazi scientist who needs his freaking ticket punched. Can’t a girl live a normal life and be heroic at the same time? Um, not so much. In the Swann series universe nothing comes easy and nothing is normal, but this girl’s no wuss, so she’s not sweating the small stuff. Not yet, anyway. Becoming a kickass heroine means tossing all caution to the wind. It’s breaking and entering, it’s a kidnapping gone wrong, it’s taking down one of the worst scumbags Santa Monica ever shat out of its hot, dusty womb. In the case of Clone, rising to the status of legend means protecting those who can’t defend themselves, meting out justice when the time is right, and maybe working extra hard not to fall in love with a boy who’s very much in love with you.