Swann Series: Books 4 – 6

Death is only the beginning.

After the events of Clone, Abby’s in full-blown beast mode. She’s got broad shoulders and a taste for pain, so in addition to hunting down the murderous Dr. Heim, Abby’s learning to fight from a man determined to break her will and her body. Unbeknownst to her, Monarch Enterprises has dispatched the brutal, young assassin, Delta 1A. Not only is his system unstable, his savage nature now has him targeting not just her, but her friends and innocents as well.

Forged in fire, the monster is unleashed…

A fraudulent girl. A death with devastating implications. An underground military base housing the kind of untold horrors that make Holland’s genetics look delightful by comparison. When life is a choice, but madness and torture head toward secrecy and conspiracy, what you have is a ferocious tale that begs the question: can normalcy and paranormal power co-exist? This series is proof that in the world of the living and the dead, only the dead survive. Buckle up for the series readers are calling “Intense,“A crazy good read,” and “Extremely hard to put down!