Weapon: The Swann Series Book 5

If the world of the living and the dead, only the dead survive…


The way carbon atoms need intense heat and pressure to change structure and become a diamond is the same way some girls need mind mapping and genetic modification to become unstoppable weapons. As in love, nothing comes easy. And nothing in life will ever be the same again. Such is the nature of cause and effect in genetics.


In the wake of an horrific, inevitable tragedy, everyone is forced to be someone they’re not. Brayden sinks into the Vegas nightlife learning hard lessons in love and sex; Georgia struggles to cope with the mutant changes taking place in her, specifically the death of her emotions; Dr. Holland must correct his own genetic cocktail lest he descend into a madness more reminiscent of his earlier, more homicidal days; and Margaret and Christian must face their own dire truths, not only about who they are becoming as a couple, but if they will even have a family once the truth about Abby comes out.


Weapon is very much a book of love and humanity, the will to endure the unthinkable, the necessity of friendship in the darkest of times and what it means to prepare yourself for the backlash of a reckless life. When love is a choice, and life is a choice, but madness and torture head toward secrecy and conspiracy, what you have is a riveting tale that begs the question: can normalcy and paranormal power co-exist? Especially if that power is otherworldly and indomitable, something most humans could never comprehend? With some slight of hand, a rash of deception, and some life-threatening choices that seem impossible in retrospect, the heart-stopping fifth novel in the ground-breaking Swann Series begins.