The Age of Embers

The end is almost here, are you ready?

A high-tech nightmare. A crippling attack on America and her infrastructure. Are humans in their final days? When a sudden, unexplained spasm of violence rocks the country from coast to coast, when our military is hijacked and the President can’t be found, the survivors will be left to wonder if this is the start of a new world war, or if this is the last chapter of humanity itself.

Undercover DEA agent, Fire Dimas, is drowning in problems: a unrelenting job, a difficult marriage and a teenage daughter with suitors of the worst kind. Then there’s the cartel he double-crossed and the “incident” at the high school. To say he’s in way over his head is the understatement of the century. Rest assured though, for Fire and his family, it’s about to get much, much worse. The assault has already begun…

Eliana Gutierrez and her niece, Carolina, are stolen by the Guatemalan cartel and swallowed into the dark world of human trafficking until a brutal crime separates them. Eliana must now use the deadly trafficking lines to trek up through Mexico and into America in search of the only person she ever loved. Along the way, she’ll come face-to-face with a handsome, rancorous hitman who will either be her salvation or her bitter end. Under the cover of a post-apocalyptic nightmare, Eliana will risk life and limb for the child, but will it be enough?