The Last War Box Set 2

Think you know the apocalypse? Think again. Get ready for a post-apocalyptic EMP survival series like no other!

The Killing Fields

Nicholas Platt walks into an international sales conference unaware that he’s just set foot on ground zero of the impending apocalypse. Forced into a high-octane battle for survival, Nick and three strangers fight to endure the clutches of a multi-layered nightmare, an apocalyptic nightmare too diabolical for even the machines to fathom. From the famed San Diego Conference Center to the waters of the Pacific Ocean to a charming little island in Newport Beach, this edge-of-your-seat, post-apocalyptic thriller pits Indigo’s father, Nick, against not only the machines, but against the twisted eccentricities of man. In the end, The Killing Fields will beg the question: when the world is burning, who will be more ferocious, artificial intelligence or the humans?

The Barbarous Road

Nothing comes easy in this sixth installment of The Last War series. Nick and Bailey are alone, Marcus is missing and the President hangs on to the bitter edge of life and death at the hands of a traitor. Meanwhile, while hundreds of thousands of souls are perishing, the Silver Queen is enacting a most diabolical plan, one that will put her in charge of the greatest nation on Earth.  Rich with character development, heavy on the action and packed with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing long into the night, The Barbarous Road proves no one is safe, and not everyone survives the fall of mankind to the machines.

The Terminal Run

When a war you don’t want kicks down your front door, what do you do? Preppers tell you to plan for the worst, but no one tells you what to do when a clan of psychopaths starts launching dead bodies into your encampment. The San Francisco survivors are now in a war they might not be able to win, for they’ve never met an enemy quite like this. Nick, Marcus and Bailey are officially MIA with their fates unknown as Corrine, Amber and Abigail sit trapped in cages hoping for help. Ben and Daisy are now heading to D.C., but when you’ve failed your family, yourself and the nation, how do you bounce back? In order to survive the apocalypse, knowing how to fight is one thing, but learning to live with your past while seeking redemption in this new, dark world is another thing entirely.  True to form, nothing goes right, and not everyone survives, but no one ever said endings were clean, and good endings are seldom predictable…