The Last War Box Set 1

Think you know the apocalypse? Think again. Get ready for a post-apocalyptic EMP survival series like no other!

The Last War

San Francisco is collapsing. The McNamara family is scattered across a city at war. As the modern world crumbles before her eyes, Cincinnati McNamara will fight for a husband who will stop at nothing to protect his family, a teenage daughter who will do anything to forget the horrors she’s survived, and a brother who is fresh out of the military and shaped by a war he just left behind. Cornered in the killing fields, stuck between three evils and forced to fight, this once ordinary family will attempt the extraordinary: they’ll try to escape a world now backsliding into a nightmarish landscape more reminiscent of the stone ages than the once famed city by the bay.

The Zero Hour

You met her at the end of The Last War, but who is the archer? How did she come to save the McNamara’s from certain death/enslavement? Meet Indigo in her insane rise from obscure teen to the enigmatic archer in a new thriller, titled The Zero Hour: Indigo. Indigo’s story is action packed post-apocalyptic survival fiction at its finest. Not only do you get to know this badass huntress on day one of the fall of San Francisco, The Zero Hour: Indigo is a rip-roaring ride through hell, a wildly entertaining ride that sets up critical events set to take place in The Ophidian Horde.

The Ophidian Horde

In this next installment of The Last War series, survival has never been more treacherous, and the fact that an EMP counter-strike turned San Francisco into a post-apocalyptic nightmare isn’t an easy pill to swallow. As our ragtag group of survivors adjust to their new surroundings, they soon realize that to live you have to fight, and fighting to win means becoming something you’re not.

The Infernal Regions

The third installment of The Last War series unites a new set of survivors in this hard-hitting post-apocalyptic survival series. No one truly knows how a nuclear EMP will effect society, but one thing remains true: humans are unpredictable animals capable of great violence and profound love. Strap yourself in for another action-packed, roller coaster ride through the dark side of the apocalypse.